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Testimonials - The Salt Works Room cont.

Thank you Stress Recess.

Over the last year my breathing had been getting worse. Our daughter told me about the healing properties of Himalayan salt and asked me to go and try it. I have and not only do I feel breathing is easier but there was a wonderful added healing that happened! I could smell again! 43 years ago I worked on an art project in college that consisted of burning sulfur for a few days. I noticed afterwards that my sense of smell was pretty much gone. The rich smells of everything were gone. I thought there was no return on this (and I did not know this) until I went for help with my breathing. After the second treatment my daughter and I went to eat. As I came to the restaurant door I was surprised to smell rich aromas around me. I had to stop to marvel at something I could not smell for years. All I wanted to do was stand and breathe deeper these wonderful aromas. This was quite an experience for me to smell foods I would be eating! The Himalayan salt treatment has given me an added sniffer! Thank you Stress Recess! I am grateful.

                                                                               Jan, Phelps Wi

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