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Testimonials for Infared Light Therapies


The morning of my appointment I was experiencing pain in my wrist and elbow to the point of not being able to use that arm.  I also had more than usual hip pain.  I loved the warmth of the Biomat treatment.  I decided to tuck my hand in under the top mat and after the session was done, my pain was gone.  I was amazed that it could work that quickly.  I am looking forward to my next session!               -Bobbie M.  Rhinelander, WI


I have been suffering from Raynauds for many years.  I decided to try a Biomat session.  After  two 40 minute sessions on the biomat my Rayauds improved by at least 50%.  I also suffer from low back pain that I also noticed improvement and decrease in pain.  I have decided to purchase the mini biomat so I can use at home any time.  It is truly amazing the results I have had!  Sandi B. Wausau, WI

Infared Sauna

I just love the infared sauna.  I find that I can breathe easier than traditional saunas.  The heat goes into my bones and my shoulder pain along with my neck and back pain improves after a sauna session.  The relaxation helps me to sleep more restfully. I also like the fact of it's major detoxification process. I recommend that you give it a try.  You will love the results.  Kathy K.  Rhinelander, WI







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